Trust Management

Good Shepherd Educational Trust

The Good Shepherd Educational Institutions was founded in the year 2003, by a group of professionals with different background for perfect educational career. Good Shepherd Educational Institutions are marketed and managed under the Good Shepherd Educational Trust,  which is dedicated to success of all, with the ability and motivation to benefit, meeting the needs of the professional and wider communities. it serves through the excellence of its Teaching, Learning Research and Ensuring self-financing personal freedom with professional accountability and corporatized culture, structures and processes. We the management of Good Shepherd Educational trust is committed to provide world-class education.


Board of Directors

Academic Team

Our Institutions

    1. 1. Indian Institute of Nursing
    2. 2. BSE College of Nursing
    3. 3. GS School of Nursing
    4. 4. K K School of Nursing
    5. 5. Shiva Geetha school of Nursing
    6. 6. GS College of Nursing*
    7. 7. Good Shepherd Institute of Management Studies 
    8. 8. GS Institute of Paramedical Science*
    9. 9. NU Trust College of Allied Health Sciences
    10. 10.BSE institute of Management Studies
    11. proposed for the academic year 2022-23